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Info The Silver Bullet 1-wire alternators are 100% new construction with a distinctive billet fan and pulley for good looks and increased performance. They are a one-wire hook-up with ultra low cut-in regulator which charges from a idle up to highway speeds. Fits GM mounts with V-belt pulley. 100 amp rating.

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Serpentine Pulley Systems. Tensioners and Replacement Parts; GM LS Series Components; SB/BB Chevrolet; Ford Small Block; Mopar 340/360; Ford Coyote; Replacement Pulleys. HTD C-Loc Dry Sump Pulleys; Aluminum Pump Pulleys. Serpentine; HTD; V-Belt; Cast Iron Pump Pulleys. Serpentine; HTD; V-Belt; Water Pump Pulleys; Alternator Pulleys; R-Lok Crank ... The tendency for V-belts to "flip over" in the pulley groove (at high RPM and/or when the belt stretches) is eliminated, and a serpentine belt is also much easier to maintain and replace, since there is no need to remove multiple belts in order to replace one of them, although newer adjustable-length V-belts ("link belts") can be put on without having to remove other belts, and their link design also allows a self-tensioning characteristic to reduce the risk of flipping over. A single v-belt pulley is included and installed making installation simple and fast. Features: - 55-75 Amp output - Single V-belt pulley - 1G style alternator case - Externally regulated - Pulley included - Natural finish Replace the alternator in your classic Mustang while retaining its original look with help from Powermaster.

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The belt and pulley at the right hand end drives the alternator. Despite their names, both 'DC generators' (or 'dynamos') and 'alternators' initially produce alternating current. In a so-called 'DC generator', this AC current is generated in the rotating armature, and then converted to DC by the commutator and brushes.

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Serpentine Belt installation diagram included for easy replacement, as well as tools to use to pivot or move the BELT TENSIONER pulley! Vibration Dampener, Crankshaft Pulley, Hub & Wheel Bearing Assembly whine & noise, Idle Air Control Valve, Spark Plugs Wires, and Starter / engine starting...March Performance billet aluminum V-Belt alternator pulleys are manufactured from precision machined 6060-T6 billet aluminum with a clear powdercoated finish. They are precision CNC-machined from solid billet 6061-T6 aluminum and are covered with a clear powdercoat.