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02:47 Legit vs Recast comparison: 06:05 How I got all my BJD + collection intro: 14:17 Now that that's out of the way, hi, welcome to a bit of a heavier video! In this video I wanted to touch on some of the arguments made for and against recasts, and I wanted to show a legit and a recast doll side by side...An emerging-growth nonbank consumer lender and market leader offering home mortgage, refinance and home equity loan products in all 50 states.

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Онлайн Видео — смотреть на imperiya.by...true-bjd-confessions: Sio2’s dolls are being recast. This is sad. ~Anonymous. Mod: I started googling to see if there is an easy way to buy legit and I found this etsy link. via DoA:(The really sad thing, the first time I saw White Dew (the head I just preordered) it was a recast. Oct 21, 2014 · If you share your recast within legit-only communities and I am made aware of it, you will be removed from our community until the photos are removed. But being removed from our community is much different than being banned from it. Our community has always been about being inclusive.

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Most BJD ‘companies’ are just one or a few sculptors and some support staff. They are small companies. When a person buys a recast, that money goes to the recaster instead of to the actual artist. This causes legit artists/companies to lose money, so they may not be able to make as many new dolls in the future. FairyLand is a doll company based in South Korea and was founded in 2003. They release sculpts created by the artist group known as Cerberus Project. 1 Doll Lines 2 Authenticity 3 Official Dealers 4 Resin Colors FeePle 70 FeePle 65 FairyLine 60 FeePle 60 FairyLine MiniFee ChicLine LittleFee RealFee PukiFee PukiPuki RealPuki FairyLand originally did not have any Certificate of Authenticity (CoA ... There is no one absolute way to see if a doll is a recast. The best way is to compare it in person, to a legit version of the doll. If you cannot find someone with the same exact doll, at least try to find one from the same company; better yet, same size AND company. Browse Gallery of Volks oct pictures, images, photos, GIFs, and videos on imgED.

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Rell can then recast while the tether persists. Morellonomicon VS Athene's Unholy Grail.Idk if 100 % of his bunnyhopping was legit but all he did was certainly possible without using scripts. Its not like it was just him who could do that, many people used to he was legit yes i was just playing source and its so easy without practice i imagine what you could do if you actually put effort on it.Jul 30, 2019 · In the past 2 years I’ve only bought recast (aside from some legit heads), and if the doll I really want is available recast, I would buy recast 9 times out of 10. It comes down to again, the quality in all aspects being nearly identical to the original, and not caring about the ethical issues of owning a recast.