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39.99 USD. 243 Win 95 Grain SST Hornady SUPERFORMANCE - 20 Rounds. Rating *. Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best). Name. *Email. *Review Subject. *Comments. Find Similar Products by Category. You May Also Like... Quick view. .243 Win 90 Grain...243 Winchester 55 Grain Flat Base Tipped Varmageddon 20 Rounds. 115-65165 | Nosler . $29.84. $1.49 Per Piece. Out of Stock. 243 Winchester 80 Grain Power-Shok Soft ... If you assume the best BC bullets you can get, then the 6.5x55 is going to win at 500 meters - a 6.5mm 140 grain .625 BC bullet is going to have about 50m/s more speed and 100 Joules more energy than a 7.62mm 155 grain .510 BC would. The 6.5mm have a flatter trajectory and will buck the wind better, too. This is best-case scenario, though. [bc-description action="new description"] Technical Information Caliber: 243 Winchester Bullet Weight: 58 Grains Bullet Style: Hornady V-Max Case Type: Brass Ballistics Information Muzzle Velocity: 3925 fps Muzzle Energy: 1984 ft lbs [bc-description action="end description"] Designed around the hard-hitting performance Dec 31, 1998 · 223 REMINGTON: 26-H4895, NOSLER 55 BALLISTIC TIP, FEDERAL 205M IN WINCHESTER CASES; 243 WINCHESTER: 46.5 H414, BERGER 71 HPBT, FEDERAL 210M IN WINCHESTER CASES; 308 WINCHESTER: 42.2 VVN 140, SIERRA 168 MK, FEDERAL 210M IN RWS CASES. All cases were match prepped and sorted to within 0.5 of a grain, all bullets were molly coated.

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Пули Nosler AccuBond 338 Caliber 180 Grain Bonded Spitzer Boat. Пули Sako Gamehead. диаметр. --- Выберите --- 222 223 243 30. Вес. Пуля 223 калибра 55 gr FMJ BT Prvi Partizan.23.69 USD. Federal Premium, 243WIN, 55 Grain, Nosler Ballistic Tip P243H.

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Remington .243 Winchester 80-Grain Centerfire Rifle Cartridges. Remington Core-Lokt .300 Win Mag 180-Grain Centerfire Rifle Ammunition. Monarch FMJ .223 Remington 55-Grain Ammunition.I love the .243 Win. ! I have one in the Ruger Model bolt action. I like the 100 grain bullets for springbok or blesbuck. I have other guns I use for varmit What I mean is that the 6.5 caliber is a far better choice than the 243. You could take a 6.5X55 Swede which is a very common caliber & ammo should...243 Win: 55 grain bullet @ 3,910 fps. James shoots both rifles at 100 yards and compares performance using CBC 55gr M193 ammunition, 55gr Wolf Gold, 62gr ZQI/MKE, and Hornady Black 75gr.

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223 55 Grain FMJ. Brand new production from Israeli Military Industries out of Israel. This is great range ammo with a non magnetic tip. The 223 55 Grain FMJ bullet also has a ballistic coefficient of 243. Loaded to an average velocity of 3100 feet per second making this a fast, flat shooting ammunition.55 gr Hornady SP C.O.L. 2,205” Norma 200 22.0 3061 23.5 3287 Norma 201 23.0 2887 24.7 3235 55 gr nosler BST C.O.L. 2,244” Norma 200 22.0 3084 23.5 3307 Norma 201 23.0 2959 24.7 3291 60 gr Hornady SP C.O.L. 2,244” Norma 200 21.0 2923 22.7 3173 Norma 201 23.0 2877 25.0 3176 Norma 202 23.0 2871 24.6 3176 69 gr Sierra MK C.O.L. 2,244” Norma ...